Pool Deck Installation in Little Rock

Slippery floors can be very dangerous. Falls and slips can lead to serious injuries and fractures. That is why as a parent, you need to pay extra special attention to those slippery areas in your home and take extra measures to ensure they are safe for you and your family.

One of the most slippery areas in your home is the pool deck. Concrete pool decks are constantly exposed to puddles and splashes of water which can make them slippery. While it’s important to remind your family especially the kids to avoid running around the pool area with wet, bare feet, we strongly recommended that you take extra measures to improve the grip on your pool deck surface.

If you’re a resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, you can trust our company Concrete Driveways Little Rock to install for your pool deck that is not only durable but also slip-resistant so that your family can be safe.

Increasing Slip Resistance in Concrete Pool Decks Arkansas

We use different methods and techniques when doing decorative concrete pool deck and cement pool deck installation to make the decks slip-resistant.

1. Pool Deck Texture Coatings

We use special coatings to add texture to your concrete pool deck surface in order to improve traction. Most homeowners prefer a spray knock-down finish. This is a textured coating that’s sprayed onto the deck surface and knockdown with a trowel. This results in a non-skid finish with a stucco-like appearance. However, if you’re happy with the finishing of your deck, we can apply a clear concrete sealer which is mixed with aggregate or fine sand. This will improve the deck’s slip resistance without impacting its look.

2. Decorative Concrete Overlay

Another option to improve your pool deck’s slip resistance is to use decorative overlays. These are usually used to resurface an existing concrete surface to either repair it or update it. Having a professional apply stamped concrete overlay onto your pool deck is one great way to make it less slippery. We will apply the concrete overlay thinly onto the surface and stamp with your favorite pattern. We can design it to look like a brick, tile or natural stone depending on your taste. The stamping creates grooves that improve the grip, making your pool deck slip-resistant. The best thing about the overlay is that it’s easy to maintain and clean.

3. Pool Deck Mats

This doesn’t require a professional. You can simply purchase a deck mat from any home improvement stores and put on your deck. You don’t have to put all over your deck but only the areas with heavy foot traffic. The mesh-like type can also be put inside the pool or in hot tubs. This method is simpler but not long-lasting.

4. Abrasive Tape

Last but not least, you can use an abrasive tape especially if you want a quick and temporary fix. The tape is easy to apply and adheres to almost anything including cement pool deck surfaces. Before taping, ensure that the surface is dirt-free or wet. The material is prone to peeling so it needs regular replacement.

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