Foundations and Concrete Slabs in Little Rock

Little Rock concrete pads for RV, sheds, AC, basketball

Concrete is one of the best material for landscaping whether it be for making well-marked paths around the garden, or for installation on the terrace, it can make for beautiful hardscapes. At Concrete Driveways Little Rock located in Little Rock, Arkansas we pride ourselves on being the best in concrete services. We are experts at the construction of stone walls. Laying of curbs, slab foundation work, and concrete pavers, concrete foundation, and slabs among many others. We do everything from the planning to execution and installation and if you like the maintenance of your concrete hardscapes to ensure you get reliable and perfect work. We are known for quality work that exceeds client expectations given that we always pay utmost attention to client’s needs.

Residential and Commercial Services

At Concrete Services we provide all manner of services that include concrete pouring, installation, and repair of old or damaged concrete works in Little Rock. Among our specialist services include the laying of concrete foundations, storage shed pads, slab foundations, and home foundations. We also do other concrete works that include the laying of patios, flatwork, and driveways. As professional installers in Little Rock, we have been tasked with the installation of low walls, curbs, plain and concrete paving stones on curbs and driveways to the satisfaction of our clients. Our commercial and residential concrete services are not restricted to what is listed here as we also perform custom installations for clients who request it. As long as you can visualize your concrete project we can make it come true for you.

Why we are the Best Concrete Service Provider in Little Rock, AR?

Experienced Contractors

We have been serving commercial and residential customers in Little Rock for years and have the experience and knowledge to do any type of custom work you may have. We not only provide high-quality skilled work for our clients but also advice to our clients. When you come to us looking to have new concrete installations or to have your old installations repaired, we will give you advice and insights on how to go about it. Our experienced and highly qualified staff will oversee your residential and commercial installation to ensure that you get high-quality finishes that you will love.

We are Bonded and Licensed Contractors

We are a bonded and licensed contractor in Little Rock and hence you can rest easy knowing that you are covered if an accident occurs while we are working on your project. We always ensure that our clients do not have any liability for any accidents and take insurance cover for any damage that may occur during the project. We are also licensed contractors which means that we have been inspected and found to be compliant with quality and safety standards expected of concrete installers in Little Rock. In addition to our insurance and general worker liability compensation, we are a bonded company. As such, in case of any damage or financial loss, the surety company and insurance will cover all your losses.

We Have the Best Tools and Equipment

We not only have the best technicians but we also have at our disposal the best tools and equipment to ensure that we do the concrete installation safely and efficiently. While you could always hire a handyman to do the installation, they may not have the necessary tools which can result in shoddy work that you may have to spend more money to fix. You can depend on our experienced professionals using the most modern tools to do an excellent job that will not only be beautiful but also last longer.

We provide free consults on any concrete installation, maintenance and repair questions you may have.

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