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Concrete Driveways Little Rock provides superior concrete contracting services to Little Rock, Arkansas and the surrounding areas. We offer a wide array of Concrete Driveway services, including driveway installation & repair, sidewalks, decorative driveway approaches, and other flatwork services. Browse our site and feel free to contact us should you have any questions! 501-358-5515

Feel free to inquire about any of the services we provide: Driveway Installation, Porch and Patio Installation, Pool Deck Installation, Sidewalk and Walkway Installation, Foundation and Concrete Slab Pouring, and Sealing and Repair Services.

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Well made concrete driveways are smooth and well sloped. This makes them a perfect match for modern homes, as well as old style homes. In addition, you can choose the driveway to be poured in various different styles. 

At Concrete Driveways Little Rock, we work with a variety of styles to give our clients the choice of which style fits their home the best.  You can choose different colors, shapes, or patterns to dramatically enhance the entrance to your home.  

Concrete can also be stamped or stenciled which gives it a more creative design and style. Your driveway can look as if it is made from stone, brick or even tile. We do this by providing stencil patterns and individual decorative motifs added. And if you choose to just have regular concrete, that works too.


Concrete driveways are an investment and if you want it to last. Regular cleaning by scrubbing it with a brush and simply cleaning it off with water through a garden hose, will add years to that investment. 

Additionally, investing in a proper driveway seal will prevent any unwanted stains from oil or other contaminants. The seal acts as a barrier that doesn’t allow the dirt to penetrate the concrete and settle. If you seal your driveway, you can simply wash off the oil or other contaminants with water. Overall, having a concrete driveway can add functionality, aesthetic appeal and great value to your home.

It is however important, that you’re seeking out professionals who are experienced in placing new concrete driveway or concrete driveway repair.  Most people ask about labour and material estimate, however fail to ask how long the settlement period is and when they can start using their driveway. If you start using it too soon, the concrete will not have enough time to settle and could be compromised. 

At Concrete Driveway Little Rock, we have over 25 years experience in all kinds of concrete driveway construction or repair.


Maybe it’s your first driveway, maybe it’s a replacement, but you definitely want the durability. We recommend choosing a material that can last up to 35 years. You probably guessed it, concrete.   Where asphalt may cost you less at the beginning, after 10-15 years, you will have to replace it again. Concrete will last much longer than that, even if you don’t maintain it at all. With proper care and maintenance, your concrete driveway can remain in excellent condition for as many as 50 years (and even more).

Why is concrete so much superior?   The durability of concrete lies in the state of the material. It doesn’t change much in cool or hot temperatures, which makes it perfect for the hot Arkansas summers. Additionally, concrete driveways and pavements provide effective barriers to termites. The durability of the driveway structure depends not only on the quality of the concrete material itself, but also on the way in which it is laid.

Even though concrete is the superior product, it still contracts and expands in the changing of the temperatures and humidity. For example, cracks wider than 3mm will provide enough space for water to seep in and start damaging the concrete, especially if you have a freezing event. That is why it’s very important to choose experts who will pour the concrete in squares and allow enough room for the expansion joints to work their magic. Think of the skin on your hand. As you open and close you hand, your skin will expand and contract. The skin around your finger joints allows your skin to expand and contract without cracking.  Same principle is applied to laying of the concrete. This also helps regulate the process of curing (hardening and strengthening).

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